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How to create a Project in JIRA?

Hey guys, in this post will learn about how to create a Project in JIRA.

Pre-requisite : If you don’t have a JIRA account create one here Create JIRA account.

Step 1: If you are on the welcome screen, Click create new project

Step 2 : In the next window, Select Scrum Software Development project, where you can manage agile projects with boards, Issues, sprint, backlogs and stories. Then Click Next at the bottom of the window.

Step 3 : In the next window, it shows Issue types and Workflow that are available for the Scrum Software Development project that we have selected in Step 2. Click Select at the bottom of the window.

Issue Types : JIRA tracks different types of Issues. Issue can be a task or bug or story or feature. Each Issue has its own purpose to be served. 

WorkflowSet of states and transitions that an issue moves throughout its life cycle in the project. 

Step 4 : In the next window,

  1. Enter Project Name
  2. Enter Project Key (Used as Prefix for all the issues created under this project)
  3. Check the Checkbox for Confluence Space (Used to manage files within the team)

For Example, If you create a bug under this project, it will prefixed with ‘LZT-Bug’.

Click Submit


Step 5 : Once the Confluence space and links are created, Click All done!

Step 5 : To confirm whether your project is created, Click Projects in the top bar and select the project that you have created (will be listed like mine).

Step 6 : To create another new project, Click Projects in the top bar and select Create Project and follow steps from Step 2.

Step 7 : To view all projects that are created, Click View all projects in the top bar.

Step 8 : Lists all the projects that are created

Once the project is created, you can add issues to the project and track them.

In my next post, will learn about how to create an issue in JIRA.

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