How to save searches in bugzilla?

Hey guys, in this post will learn about how to save searches in bugzilla.

Pre-requisite : If you don’t have a bugzilla account, create one here Create bugzilla account.

Login to the account with your credentials.

As soon as you perform browse or search using simple or advanced search, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page in the retrieved bug list, there will be an option called “Remember Search”  which is used to save searches in bugzilla.


Step 1: Enter a name for the search that you want to save in the text box near Remember search

Step 2: Click Remember Search

Step 3: As soon as you click Remember search, search is created successfully and will be saved in the footer.


Step 4: If you want to delete the saved search, click the saved search.

Step 5 : In the next window, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, there will be an option called “Forget Search”. Click Forget Search

Step 6 : Saved search is removed from the footer. If you want to revert back your change, you can click “Un-forget the search”

That’s all about saving searches in Bugzilla:)

In my next post, will learn about how to generate reports in Bugzilla.

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