Hey guys, in this post will learn about how to create a Bugzilla account.

The tutorial is based on the latest stable release of Bugzilla which is 5.0 branch.

Step 1: Navigate to https://bugzilla-dev.allizom.org/

Step 2: To create an account click the New Account or to login into the already existing account use login.

Step 3: Create a New account

a) Click New Account

b) Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter the e-mail address

c) Agree to the Bugzilla etiquette and Click on Create Account button

c) Confirmation link has been sent to the provided email. Login to the e-mail account and activate the account creation by clicking the link.

d) The link will navigate to the page where we can enter our new password.

  • Enter Name (optional)
  • Enter Password (12 characters long)
  • Enter confirm Password
  • Click create

Once the create button is clicked, the account has been created successfully.

Step 4: Login to the existing account by clicking the login.

1) Enter the E-mail address

2) Enter the Password

3) Click Login

Step 5: Logged into Bugzilla successfully.

Bugzilla account has been created successfully:)

Learn about the whole tutorial about Bugzilla, Click Here.

In my next post, will learn about how to create a bug in Bugzilla.

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