Hey guys, in this post will learn about how to create a Category in MantisBT.

Categories are used to group the issues together. Categories can be specific to the project or defined globally.

Pre-requisite : Install MantisBT

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Step 1 : Click Manage


Step 2 : Click Manage Projects

Step 3 : In the next screen, to add global category,

  • Enter Category Name
  • Click Add Category

Note : Globally added category will be available to all projects


Step 4 : Global category added successfully


Step 5 : To edit the global category, Click Edit


Step 6 : In the next screen,

  1. Edit Name (Optional)
  2. Assign User

Click Update category

Note : To delete the category, Click Delete Category


Step 7 : User assigned successfully to the category


Step 8 : To add category to the specific project, Click Project


Step 9 : In the next screen,

  1. Enter Category Name
  2. Click Add Category


Step 10 : Category created successfully


Step 11 : You can also copy categories from different projects by selecting,

  • Copy Categories from ( Copies the project from the project selected)
  • Copy Categories to ( Copies the existing category to the project selected)


Finally, you learnt how to create global and project specific categories in MantisBT ?

In my next post, will learn about how to manage tags and profiles  in MantisBT.

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