Hey guys, in this post will learn about how to use filters in MantisBT.

Filters are used to easily search and group the issues from the huge list.

Pre-requisite : Install MantisBT

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Step 1 : Click View Issues


Step 2 : To filter issues based on project, Click Project drop-down


Step 3 : Click Search


Step 4 : Choose filter criteria and click Apply Filter


Step 5 : Issue filtered based on Status


Step 6 : To save the current filter, Click Save Current Filter


Step 7 : In the next screen,

  1. Enter Filter Name
  2. Select the Project option

Click Save Current Filter


Step 8 : Filter saved successfully


Step 9 : Select the saved filter and Click Manage Filter to Delete filter and Manage filter


Step 10 : Click Delete filter to delete the saved filter


Step 11 : Click Create permalink

Note : Permalink is used to create permanent link for the configured filter so that it can be shared with team through email.


Step 13 : Permanent link created successfully


Now you know how to use filters in MantisBT ?

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