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How to use Filters in MantisBT?

Hey guys, in this post will learn about how to use filters in MantisBT.

Filters are used to easily search and group the issues from the huge list.

Pre-requisite : Install MantisBT

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Step 1 : Click View Issues


Step 2 : To filter issues based on project, Click Project drop-down


Step 3 : Click Search


Step 4 : Choose filter criteria and click Apply Filter


Step 5 : Issue filtered based on Status


Step 6 : To save the current filter, Click Save Current Filter


Step 7 : In the next screen,

  1. Enter Filter Name
  2. Select the Project option

Click Save Current Filter


Step 8 : Filter saved successfully


Step 9 : Select the saved filter and Click Manage Filter to Delete filter and Manage filter


Step 10 : Click Delete filter to delete the saved filter


Step 11 : Click Create permalink

Note : Permalink is used to create permanent link for the configured filter so that it can be shared with team through email.


Step 13 : Permanent link created successfully


Now you know how to use filters in MantisBT ?

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