Hey guys, in this post will learn about how to create an Issue in MantisBT.

Pre-requisite :Install MantisBT

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Step 1 : Click Report Issue


Step 2 : In the next screen,

  1. Enter Bug Category
  2. Enter Reproducibility
  3. Enter Severity
  4. Enter Priority
  5. Enter the Profile
    • Enter Platform
    • Enter OS
    • Enter OS Version
  6. Enter Product version ( will be available only if you have version under the project)
  7. Enter Assigned to
  8. Enter Target version
  9. Enter Summary
  10. Enter Description

Note: Fields marked with * are required fields


Step 3 : If you scroll down a bit, enter the remaining details about the Issue.

11.  Steps to Reproduce (Easy for developer to reproduce)

12.  Enter Additional information (if necessary)

13.  Upload File (Screenshots)

14.  Select the Status (If its public can be accessed by all users)

Click Submit Report


Step 4 : Issue created successfully

Note: Color codes are used to different issues.


Step 5 : Click View Issues to view all the issues created.


Step 7 : To view the detailed information about an issue, Click the ID link of the issue.


Step 8 : Detailed issue details are displayed.

Issue details

Step 9 : In this screen, you have additional actions that you can perform against the issue like,

  1. Edit Issue
  2. Change Assignee
  3. Change Status
  4. Clone Issue (Duplicate)
  5. Move Issue (Move to another project)
  6. Delete Issue
  7. Send a reminder (to any user with additional notes)
  8. View Issue History
  9. Print Issue
  10. Upload (additional screenshots)


So, now you know how to create an issue in MantisBT 🙂

In my next post, will learn about how to configure Emails in MantisBT.

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