Top 40 Playwright Interview Questions & Answers

1. What is Playwright?

  • Playwright is an open-source automation framework for end-end testing, browser automation and browser manipulation
  • Supports cross-browser testing and parallel testing
  • Supports scripting in multiple programming languages
  • Supports platform compatibility
  • Supports network interception
  • Supports Multi-page and Multi-Context
  • Supports headless and headful mode

2. What are the platforms supported by Playwright?

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Linux

3. What are the different browsers supported by Playwright? 

  • Chromium
  • WebKit (Mac)
  • Firefox

4. What are the different programming languages supported by Playwright?

  • JavaScript
  • Typescript
  • JAVA
  • C#
  • Python

5. What are the different types of locators in Playwright?

Locators are used to identify web elements within the webpage.

  • ID
  • Name
  • ClassName
  • CSS Selector
  • XPath
  • Text Content
  • TagName
  • AltText
  • Attribute
  • Label
  • Role
  • Title
  • TestID

6. What is the command used to launch a browser?

const browser = await chromium.launch(); // launch Chrome browser

const browser = await webkit.launch(); // launch Safari browser

const browser = await firefox.launch(); // launch Firefox browser

7. What is the command to launch a URL?

await page.goto('https://letzdotesting’.com);

8. What is the command used to get the current page URL?

const currentUrl= await page.url();

9. What is the command to get the webpage title?

const title = await page.title();

10. What is the command to type values in a textbox?

await page.locator('input[type="text"]').fill('Hello, Letzdotesting!’);

await page.locator('input[type="text”]’).type(‘Hello, Letzdotesting!’);

11. What is the command to get the text values ?

await page.locator('your-selector').innerText();

12. What is the command to clear values in a textbox?

await page.locator('your-selector').clear();

13. What is the command to click a control?

await page.locator('your-selector’).click();

14. What is the command to click on a hyperlink?

const hyperlink = page.locator('a').click();

15. What is the command to find if an element is displayed on a screen?

await page.locator('your-selector').isVisible();

16. What is the command to verify if a checkbox/radio is selected?

await page.locator('your-selector').isChecked();

17. What is the command to verify if a button is enabled?

await page.locator('your-selector').isEnabled();

18. What is the command to verify if a button is disabled?

await page.locator('your-selector').isDisabled();

19. What is the command to verify if a textbox is editable?

await page.locator('your-selector’).isEditable();

20. What is the command to take a screenshot of an element?

await page.locator('your-selector’).screenshot();

21. What are the different commands used to select a dropdown list?

await page.selectOption('select#dropdownId', { label: 'OptionText' }); //SelectByVisisbleText

await page.selectOption('select#dropdownId', { index: 2 }); //SelectByIndex

await page.selectOption('select#dropdownId', 'OptionValue'); //SelectByValue

22. What are the different commands used to deselect a dropdown list?

Playwright doesn’t have a built-in method for deselecting options from a dropdown like the deselect method in Selenium. However, you can achieve a similar effect by reselecting the desired options

23. Name any 4 commonly used Assertions in Playwright?

Playwright, being a tool primarily designed for browser automation, does not inherently include assertion methods like traditional testing frameworks. Assertions are usually part of the testing frameworks that you use in combination with Playwright.

When using Playwright with a testing framework such as Jest, Mocha, or Jasmine, you typically use the assertion methods provided by those frameworks. Here are some commonly used assertion methods from Jest framework:

  • expect(value).toBe(expected)
  • expect(value).toEqual(expected)
  • expect(value).toBeTruthy()
  • expect(value).toBeFalsy()

24. What are the different navigation commands?

await page.goto('');

await page.reload();  // Refresh your current page

await page.goBack(); // Takes one page backward based on browser's history

await page.goForward(); // Takes one page forward based on browser's history

25. What is the command to right click?

await page.locator('your-selector').contextMenu();

await page.locator('your-selector').click({ button: 'right' });

26. What is the command to double-click?

await page.locator('your-selector').dblclick();

27. What is the command used to scroll down to a web element?

await page.locator('your-selector').scrollIntoView();

28. What is the command to drag and drop?

const sourceElement = await page.locator('your-source-selector');

const targetElement = await page.locator('your-target-selector');

await sourceElement.dragAndDrop(targetElement);

29. What is the command used to get the attribute values of an element?

await page.locator('your-selector').getAttribute("value");

30. What is the difference between locator() and locateAll()?

  • locator() – Finds the first matching element in the DOM & returns a single element.
  • locateAll() – Finds all the matching elements in the DOM & returns a list of elements.

31. Write code to close the entire browser.

browser.close() - Used to close entire browser

32. Write code to close an individual page or tab 

page.close() - Used to close individual page

33. What are the different types of waits available in Playwright?

await page.waitForSelector('.my-element');

await page.waitForNavigation();

await page.waitForXPath('//div[@class="my-element"]');


await page.waitForEvent('response', response => response.status() === 200);

await page.waitForRequest('');

34. How to handle iFrames?

const iframe = page.frame({ name: 'myIframe' }); // Based on name 

await page.waitForSelector('iframe[name="myIframe"]');  // Based on WebElement

await page.bringToFront(); // Switch back to the main context

35. Name any three testing frameworks that can be integrated with Playwright?

  • Jest
  • Mocha
  • Jasmine

36. How do you handle touch events in mobile emulation with Playwright?


37. What software and tools do you need to run Playwright in Typescript?

  • Node.js
  • npm (Node Package Manager)
  • Playwright (npm install playwright)
  • Typescript (npm install -g typescript)
  • Visual Studio Code

38. Name any advanced framework design that can be used with Playwright?

  • Cucumber (BDD)
  • Page Object Model
  • Data-driven testing
  • Parallel testing
  • Cross-browser testing
  • Configuration Properties
  • Utilities
  • Tests
  • Logging 
  • Reporting

39. Name any 5 Exceptions that you got while working with Playwright

  • NavigationException
  • TimeOutException
  • BrowserContextException
  • ElementHandleException
  • SelectorException:

40. Can you provide an example of how to set up mobile emulation in a Playwright test script?

const { devices } = require('playwright');
const context = await browser.newContext({
  ...devices['iPhone 11'],

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