Katalon Studio Tutorial for Beginners

Katalon Studio tutorial for beginners

Introduction to Katalon Studio – Automation Tool

Katalon Studio is a free to use automation tool which supports Web, Mobile and API testing. It supports automation in Windows, Mac, Android, iOS.  Cucumber itself is written using Ruby, but it can be used to test the code written in JAVA, c#, Python, Ruby and other programming languages.Katalon Studio TutorialAdvantages of Katalon Studio

  • Open-source
  • Quick Setup
  • Easy to automate
  • Supports Web, Android, iOS, API testing
  • Improves collaboration
  • Easy Integration with JIRA, GIT, Jenkins
  • Record & Playback options
  • Built-in project templates
  • Diverse Reporting formats

In this tutorial, we will learn about the following topics

Katalon Studio Introduction

  • Introduction to Katalon Studio – Coming Soon

Katalon Studio Setup

Katalon Studio Concepts – Coming Soon

Katalon Studio Framework – Coming Soon

Katalon Studio Integrations – Coming Soon

Bonus: Katalon Studio Interview Questions

That’s all about Katalon Studio 🙂

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