Hey guys, in this post will learn about how to download and install Jenkins on Mac.

Jenkins is a self-contained, open-source automation server that can be used to automate all sorts of tasks related to building, testing, and delivering or deploying software.

Download and Install Jenkins

Step 1: Navigate to https://jenkins.io/download/

Step 2: Click Download and scroll to the bottom and select Generic Java Package

Download and Install Jenkins on Mac

Step 3: Save the jenkins.war in any directory of your own choice (but remember the directory of the downloaded file)

Step 4: Click Save

Download and Install Jenkins on Mac

Step 5: Open Terminal and navigate to the downloaded directory and type the following command : java -jar jenkins.war

Java command

Note: Make sure to run the above command in the downloaded directory

Step 6: Jenkins installation has been started. After the installation, two things to confirm our installation,

  • Copy the unique password (Need it in later steps)
  • Make sure you see the message ‘Jenkins is fully up and running
Jenkins password

Step 7: Open http://localhost:8080/ in the browser. Follow two things,

  1. Enter Password copied from the previous step
  2. Click Continue
Download and Install Jenkins on Mac

Step 8: Select ‘Install suggested plugins‘ option

Download and Install Jenkins on Mac

Step 9: After all the plugins are installed, the Admin user creation screen appears. Enter username, password, full name and email address.

Download and Install Jenkins on Mac

Step 10: Click Save and Continue

Step 11: Confirm Jenkins instance configuration

Download and Install Jenkins on Mac

Step 12: Click Save and Finish

Jenkins setup is complete and is ready for use.

Download and Install Jenkins on Mac

Step 13: Click Start using Jenkins.

If your Jenkins installation is successful, you should be seeing below screen.

Jenkins up and running

Jenkins installation is successful 🙂

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