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JIRA Tutorials for Beginners

JIRA tutorials for beginners

Introduction to JIRA

JIRA is a web-based “Issue tracking system” or “Bug tracking system”. It is mainly used for agile project management. JIRA is a proprietary based tool, developed by Atlassian. The product name ‘JIRA’ is shortened from the word ‘Gojira’, which means Godzilla in Japanese 🙂

JIRA helps us to manage the project effectively and smoothly. It is a powerful tool to track the issues, bugs, backlogs of the project. JIRA is more customizable than Bugzilla. It helps the team to strive hard towards the common goal. JIRA is widely used by many organizations around the world.
Key features of JIRA includes

Advantages of JIRA

In this tutorial, we will learn about the following topics in JIRA,

  1. How to sign-up for JIRA account
  2. How to create a Project in JIRA
  3. How to create an Issue in JIRA
  4. How to create a Sprint in JIRA
  5. How to create a Project Category in JIRA
  6. How to create a Project Component in JIRA
  7. How to create a User in JIRA
  8. How to create an Issue type in JIRA
  9. How to create an Issue type scheme in JIRA
  10. How to Share and Export an Issue in JIRA
  11. How to create a dashboard in JIRA
  12. How to generate reports in JIRA

That’s all about JIRA 🙂

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