Hey guys, in this post will learn about how to create a Sprint in JIRA.

Sprint : Set of period of time where specified work has to be completed

Pre-requisite : If you don’t have a JIRA account create one here Create JIRA account.

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Step 1 : Click the Projects option in the top bar and select the project that you have created before.

Project Created in JIRA

Step 2 : As soon as the project screen is loaded, Click Create Sprint at the bottom right of the page.

Create a Sprint in JIRA

Step 3 : Sprint created Successfully

Sprint in JIRA

Step 4 : Plan the sprint by dragging the issues from the backlog.

Sprint : Set of period of time where specified work has to be completed

Plan Sprint in JIRA

Step 5 : Drag the Issue to the sprint. Sprint Planned Successfully

As soon the Issue is dragged into the sprint plan, the backlog will be empty because I had only one issue in the backlog.

Sprint Planned in JIRA

Note : You can only start a sprint, only if there are no other active sprints. If there is an active sprint, you won’t be able to start one unless that active sprint is completed. But, you can plan subsequent sprints by dragging issues in plan mode.

Step 6 :  Click Start Sprint to set a time period for the Sprint.

Start Sprint in JIRA

Step 7 :  Enter Sprint details in the next window.

Ignore the warning 🙂

Start Sprint in JIRA

  1. Sprint Name
  2. Duration ( Weeks/Custom)
  3. Start Date
  4. End Date
  5. Sprint Goal (Optional)

Note : Fields marked with * are required fields to create an issue.

Once all the details are entered, Click Start to start the sprint.

Step 8 : Sprint Started Successfully

Sprint Started

Once the sprint is started, you can track the issues and complete the sprint within the specified date.

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