Hey guys, in this post will learn about how to create a Project category in JIRA.

Project Categorization is mainly used for better searching and tracking.

NoteA Project in JIRA can belong to only one category. 

Pre-requisite : If you don’t have a JIRA account create one here Create JIRA account.

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Step 1 : Click Projects option in the top bar and select view all projects option

View Project in JIRA

Step 2 : In the next screen, all the projects are listed. Project ‘Letzdotesting’ has No Category, let’s try to add project category
Project Category in JIRA

Step 3 : Click Administration Settings icon on the top right and Select Projects option in the list.

Project Category

Step 4 : Click Project Categories

Project Categories

Step 5 : In the next window,

Add Category in JIRA

  1. Enter Category Name
  2. Enter Category Description

Once all the details are entered, Click Add to add Project Category.

Step 6 : Project Category added Successfully.

Category Added in JIRA

Step 7 : Edit or Delete Project Category by using actions Edit or Delete

Edit Category in JIRA

Step 8 : Click Projects in the sidebar, to add Project category to the project.

Category in JIRA

Step 9 : In the next screen, Click Edit option in the project list to add project category.

Edit Project in JIRA

Step 10 : Select the Project Category drop-down control, added project category ‘Software Testing’ is listed in the menu.

Category listed

Step 11 : Select the Project category for the project and Save the details.

Catgeory Selected

Step 12 : Click Save details again in the project settings screen to confirm the changes.

Save Category in JIRA

Step 13 : Page will be refreshed to update the changes. To validate the change, Click view all projects under the project in the top bar.

View Project in JIRA

Step 14 : Project Category added successfully to the project.

Project Category added in JIRA

Once the project category is added to the project, you can track or search the project using project category.

In my next post, will learn about how to create Project Component and Version in JIRA.

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