Hey guys, in this post will learn about how to create a Dashboard in JIRA.

Dashboards are used to track the issues and projects that you are working on. It will also be used to prioritize the work.

Pre-requisite : If you don’t have a JIRA account create one here Create JIRA account.

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Step 1 : Click Dashboard in the top bar menu and select View all Dashboard option

Dashboard in JIRA

Step 2 : Click Create Dashboard


Step 3 : In the next window,


  1. Enter Name of the Dashboard
  2. Enter Description
  3. Set Favorite option
  4. Share Dashboard with groups and project members

Once all the information is entered, Click Create

Step 4 : Dashboard created successfully


Step 5 : Edit or delete Dashboard by clicking Edit or Delete option


Step 6 : Click Dashboard Name to Add gadgets

Dashboard in JIRA

Step 7 : Click any Add gadget option to add gadgets to the Dashboard

add-gadget in JIRA

Step 8 : Click Load all gadgets link

load-gadgets in JIRA

Step 9 : Click Add gadget to any gadget that you want to show up on your Dashboard

add-gadget in JIRA

Step 10 : My Dashboard created with gadgets successfully

Create a Dashboard in JIRA

Step 11 : Edit a gadget by clicking the Ellipsis button (three dots) and choose Edit. Customize the top bar colors by selecting colors.

edit-gadget in JIRA

Note : Re-arrange the gadgets position by dragging and dropping 

Track issues with your My Dashboard to work and prioritize effectively 🙂

In my next post, will learn about how to create reports in JIRA.

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