I’m curious about what people think about software testing profession. Are you also curious? Then join with me to understand the psychology of what people think about the job in reality.

New software graduates those who are not confident in their coding skills, often confused about the field they want to choose in their career.  People always suggest or advise them to consider software testing as their first career. Does it mean that software testing job is easy? Don’t they require any special quality or mindset or any personality? Don’t they need basic coding skills?

Software Testing Psychology

The answer is they do require unique personality if they want to become a good software tester. The mindset of a software tester is completely different from other teams who work on the software. Other teams spend their time to develop the product but testers spend their time to break the product. Testers always think about the business logic and experiment things to find the loopholes in the software. Because at the end, they are the one who is responsible for all the blame if the product fails to do well. If the product hits production issue, the first question from the management will be, “Who is the QA/Tester of the product?”

Any test scenario that is missed by the tester unknowingly, may lead to a catastrophic failure of the software in the production deployment. It may damage the environment, economy, resources and even human. We never know. It is based on the product and extent of the failure. Basic coding skill is required to become a good software tester. If we have the skill, it will be helpful to automate tests by scripting. So, it’s not that easy to survive in software testing field if the tester doesn’t have any qualities of good software tester. So, you guys may ask “What are the qualities of a Good tester?

A Good software tester will have the below qualities:

  1. Interpersonal
  2. Better communication skills
  3. Logical thinker (Reasoning)
  4. Analytical thinker
  5. Experimental (Untested ideas)
  6. Methodical (Establish Process)
  7. Test Design Techniques
  8. Exploratory Techniques
  9. Detail-oriented

The skills mentioned above is not a complete list but those qualities are the important ones!

Software Testing job is not that easy as people thinks. It involves a lot of commitment, dedication, smart work, hard work, and responsibility.

I do agree that my job is fun because we find faults:)

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2 thoughts on “Software Testing Psychology…”
  1. Yeah..That’s true its not easy..
    There are many failures occurred because of very silly mistakes missed by testers.. Eg:- Year Y2K problem.

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