Software testing is a process that is carried over on the software products or applications to ensure that the product is working as per the client’s requirements.

Software testing is also done with the intent of finding software bugs to make sure the software is bug-free. It also used to verify and validate the developed product achieves the following:

  • Meets the customer needs and expectations
  • Work as expected
  • Ensure quality

Software testing is a process; not a single activity.

Software testing process takes place throughout the Software development life cycle (SDLC) to ensure the quality product is developed and delivered to the clients and customers.

For instance, Client who wants to develop an application for his business will come up with software requirements for the product and will contact any software company who can design the software based on his requirements and specifications.

Software Testing definition

Requirements requested by the client like Login, Register Customers, Add Products to the shopping cart, Payment Modes, Shipping etc., will be communicated by the software company to the developers. Once all the requirements are finalized, the developers will start developing the product based on the specified requirements.

Software Testing definition

Once the developer finish coding the software, will handover software to the testing team. Testers test the software to ensure the product is defect free and it works as per client’s requirements.

Software Testing definition

Software testers test the whole functionalities and features of the software with all possible conditions to ensure all the client’s requirements and specifications are met in the product.

Testing is done using various techniques to ensure 100% test coverage. Test scenarios are written based on the software testing principles for each client’s functional requirements so that they can validate the software against each and every functions.

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For example, for Register Customers, possible test scenarios will be,

  • Validate the Customer is registered successfully
  • Validate already existing customer is not registered twice
  • Validate the Customer entered information is saved correctly
  • Validate the Customer information is retrieved correctly
  • Verify whether the customer can change his profile information
  • Verify whether customer can delete his account
  • Verify whether registered customer can shop products
  • And Many More…

Single functionality contains so many test cases. It will help you to find major/more software bugs. So, both quality testing and test coverage are important to ensure the software is bug-free and meets client’s requirements.

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