Have you ever thought why software testing is necessary? why it matters a lot? why is it so important?

If answer is yes, then letz have a quick look:)

Software testing is necessary for each and every product or application that are being developed in the market to ensure the developed product or software is working fine as expected.QuestionSoftware testing is important before we deliver the product to the client.

For instance, Consider you are a customer to a restaurant. You ordered something which is less hot and spicy and waiting for your food to be served. Once the food has been served to you, if the food is freaking hot and spicy, what will be your reaction? Would you complain about that to the owner or manager?? Obviously, Yes:)why software testing is necessarySo, how we can avoid this from happening?

Above problem would have been easily avoided if the chef who made the food or any one from his team, tastes the sample of food before they serve it to the customer. Satisfied customers are the backbone of the company. If you give them greater experience, they share to their friends and neighbours. Word of mouth is powerful:)why software testing is necessaryLike wise, if a developed software product is untested and delivered, and if the client experiences serious consequences or failures that would be a bigger problem. Failures can be inexpensive or dangerous, we never know. It will be based on the extent of the software failure.

Humans make mistakes. Since we all make mistakes, we have to check our own work. Mistakes made during the development of the software may be because of various reasons . Some of them are due to bad assumptions or poorly designed or less skilled or less development time.

Failures introduced in the software can be rectified by testing the application to ensure that the product is working as expected and meets all client’s requirements. Quality and Reliability of the software is very much important and should always be our first priority while testing the product functionality end-to-end.

Every aspects of the software should be tested like performance, compatibility, load, security etc., to make sure it works perfectly well in all client’s environments. So, in order to satisfy your customers and also to stay in business, quality and reliability testing is important and necessary.

Six reasons why software testing is necessary

  • To Detect Software bugs
  • To Ensure product work as expected
  • To Avoid user detected problems
  • To Validate the reliability of the software
  • To Stay in business
  • To Satisfy customers

Hope you liked the article:)

In my next post, will learn about Principles of Software testing.

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