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Fundamental Test Process

Software testing fundamental test process involves five activities. They are, Test Planning & Control Test Analysis & Design Test Implementation & Execution Evaluating Exit Criteria & Reporting Test Closure Activities Test Planning & Control “A goal without a plan is just a wish“ Starting the test process without a plan is not a good idea… Continue reading Fundamental Test Process

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Software testing principles

Seven Software Testing principles are, Testing shows presence of defects Exhaustive testing is impossible Early testing Defect Clustering Testing is context dependent Pesticide Paradox Absence-of -errors fallacy Let’s see one by one in detail. Testing shows presence of defects Testing is done to find as many defects as possible Testing is not done to prove that the… Continue reading Software testing principles

Software Testing

Software Testing Psychology…

I’m curious about what people think about software testing profession. Are you also curious? Then join with me to understand the psychology of what people think about the job in reality. New software graduates those who are not confident in their coding skills, often confused about the field they want to choose in their career.  People always suggest… Continue reading Software Testing Psychology…